England Adventure // London, Cotswolds, & York

London, England… A city that hasn’t always been on my bucket list, despite being known for its rich history.

My mother, on the other hand, had always dreamt of going. So we made it happen and took an eight day trip abroad. We rented an air b&b on the east side of London. It was your typical, London flat and made us feel right at english home. We were right across from the tube station which made day trips easy peasy.

Museums, walking, sight seeing, more museums, walking, repeat. Not a bad way to spend a vacation. We also ventured to the Cotswolds by tour bus and had lunch in the quaintest little english town. It was great to watch the country side pass by. Although traffic was a nightmare on the way back and it took about one thousand extra years.

Our last leg of the trip was spent in York. A few hours north of London by train. That was indeed fun — watching the countryside, it looked almost identical to our fields here in Iowa. I definitely wish we would have stayed the night in York. I had never been inside of a cathedral before and York Minster took my breath away. It was an extra few pounds to do a walking tour to the top of the cathedral. Like what? Yeah, sign me up. So I took the narrow staircase up the stairs, cramped behind a line of people. And the view at the top was absolutely worth it. Being in the cathedral I could feel the history of the place, and imagine the crowds of people one hundred fifty years ago plus years ago.

I didn’t think that I would be so fascinated by England’s history and architecture. In retrospect, when typing that out, it sounds absolutely absurd. How could someone not be interested in the rich and inviting history of ENGLAND?

Clearly, I’m biased now. I can’t wait to go back and explore more of the